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LineOFF Press Release

LineOFF Helps Keep The“Big One” From Getting Away

LineOFF® quickly removes worn fishing line from reels so anglers will always have fresh line when they reel in their trophy fish.

Boynton Beach, FL (March 24, 2006) – LineOFF patented rapid fishing line remover makes it easy to quickly strip old, worn out fishing line from all types and sizes of fishing reels. Without a convenient tool like LineOFF, saltwater and freshwater fishing enthusiasts could leave reeling in their trophy fish, whether it is a big game fish or tenacious river trout, to chance.

“Our tag line, ‘Fresh Line equals More Fish,’ really says it all. Only new fishing line can give fishermen the confidence that their line won’t break,” stated Beverly Annabel, operations director, LineOFF. Annabel adds, “The response to our product has been phenomenal because we make taking line off fishing reels—even big game line—fast and easy.”

LineOFF attaches directly to electric or battery operated drills and screwdrivers. Within seconds, LineOFF’s specially designed cones force line into a neat bundled shape. With LineOFF, there is no more tangled mess of line or hours spent hand stripping LineOFF reels. The stripped-off fishing line is ready to be tied off and recycled.

LineOFF is made of quality aluminum, stainless steel and polyacetal resin, all of which make it highly durable. LineOFF is portable, fits into a tackle box and easily stows on a boat. Since its introduction, LineOFF has received numerous endorsements from environmental organizations including: Florida Monofilament Recycling Program, Ocean Watch Foundation, The Ocean Conservancy and the Bahamas Billfish Tournament.


Jeff and Beverly Annabel are inventors as well as husband and wife. Jeff and Beverly have been diving and fishing for more than 20 years. Seeing old tangled line on the coral reefs, Jeff was inspired to develop and patent a unique design for a tool that quickly removes worn out fishing line from any size reel—from the smallest spinning reel to the largest offshore conventional reel LineOFF can do the job. LineOFF creates a neat bundle of line that is ready for recycling. Jeff and Beverly hope that all fishing enthusiasts enjoy the convenience and ease of removing and recycling fishing line with LineOFF. LineOFF is made in the U.S.A., and is available from the company’s web site, www.getlineoff.com, or is carried in a limited number of fishing and tackle stores. The suggested retail price of LineOFF is $19.95.

LineOFF is a registered trademark of LineOFF, Incorporated.

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LineOFF is a registered trademark of LineOFF, Inc. LineOFF is protected by U.S. Patent #6102319
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